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Flood Insurance - Is it for you? 

Flood Insurance covers:

1. Escape of water from a stream, lake or other body of water

2. Surface water


Escape of water is pretty straight forward.  Surface water may not be.  Surface water could be water from heavy rainfall or water running on the surface from broken water mains.


Recent history:

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy received substantial news coverage, and rightfull so.  They were disasters.  However, we are not subject to tidal water in the Midwest.


There have been heavy rainfall events such as the weather system that sat over the upper Mississippi River valley in 1993 can affect us.  

Your bank and Flood Insurance: 

Banks with FDIC insurance are required by Federal law to assure placement of flood insurance for properties for which they make loans if the property is in a high flood risk area(zone).  Flood Rate Maps have been drawn for the entire USA showing the flood zone every piece of land.


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