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Earthquake Insurance 

What can an earthquake do? 

It depends on where you are. In the most severe cases, it can bring buildings to the ground. In less severe, it can crack walls and foundations. The construction of a building is key.  Even in less earthquake prone regions, unsupported masony structures (supporting walls of solid brick or concrete block can crumble under moderate shaking.  


How is earthquake insurance priced? 

1. Construction; frame is low risk, solid masonry is high risk

2. Location; areas that are more seismicly active cost much more than those that are not.


Should I buy earthquake insurance? 

That is a difficult call for the upper midwest as, historically, this area has not been prone to earthquake damage.  There have been a few tremors that have been felt of the past 30 or 40 years; however, there has been not reported damage.  It depends on the contruction of your home/building and your personal comfort level.  We can provide a quotion to help you decide.